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We proudly make our products here in USA and we have 100% satisfaction guarantee for all our customers.

We apply the same stringent standards from our outdoor and tactical line to our Fusion Pets products, guaranteeing durability and usability.

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Safet Vest



Adopt A Pet

Adoption saves lives!

Consider adoption before buying from a store or a breeder. Adoption is the more loving option.

Resource 1:


Thousandths of adoptable pets and adoption groups, right at your fingertips!

Resource 2: Pet Adoption Information!

Get serious about adopting a fur-ever friend! Click HERE for details on doing so!


Do Your Part

For every rescue dog that is adopted, we will send you a hands free leash system, free of charge!

For every hands free leash system that you purchase from this website, we will donate $2 to the local no kill shelter!

Please contact us for more information!


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